Copying a VM from a snapshot back to the same environment

Strange network behavior when cloning VMs

Copying a VM back into its original source environment can cause some issues as that machine is a complete clone of a version that already exists in that environment.  As such, there may be some networking problems when the copy function is complete so we recommend doing only if absolutely necessary.  


Updating the network of a copied VM

The cloned VM itself will include the same MAC address, IP and other settings as its 'parent' machine.  So we provide the option to Exclude networking as below.  

  1. Select Exclude networking and add the VM.  
  2. This will require you to manually reconfigure the network.  
  3. First, delete the network that automatically gets assigned, then Save changes
  4. Return to Edit Networks, and add a new adapter, connect the VM to the network and assign a valid IP.  (note that the MAC has changed as well)
  5. Connect to the VM in Console (CON) mode and manually configure the network to match the settings you added in Edit Networks.  
  6. Switch to RDP and confirm you can ping from each VM's internal IP back to the other.  
  7. Take a snapshot
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  • Avatar
    Mark Hipolito

    'Add VM' is greyed out even with 'Exclude networking' checked.

  • Avatar
    Peter Franks

    hey Mark - hover over the button and you should have your answer. It can also be because:
    - not enough remaining resources
    - machine is a singleton (can't be added multiple times due to license/domain restrictions)

  • Avatar
    ohad maislish

    are you sure this is still working? it looks like the MAC remains the same and this causes a lot of problems. you can check with Nitzan as well who saw this as well.

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