Mapping Cloud Folders to a Drive letter in Windows VMs


If you need files on Cloud Folders to be available on a drive letter, like "Z:", then this article provides instructions for taking advantage of a utility that will handle this for you.

Cloud Folders are mapped to a shortcut on the Windows Desktop. If you try to map Cloud Folders to a drive letter just by using the normal windows menu option or “net use” command and point at the folder linked on your desktop, it will work, but only so long as you are logged into the VM. Once you log off and log back on, the drive mapping no longer works, and the drive letter shows a red X. Clicking on that link will ask you for credentials, and none that you have been provided will work.

CloudShare has a simple utility implemented as a python module and batch file that implements a solution to automate the drive mapping after subsequent login.


This utility makes a few of assumptions that hold true for CloudShare VMs built using our templates:

1.       The existence and functioning of c:\windows\mount.bat 

2.       Python26 install in default folder c:\python26

3.       The drive letter to map is Drive Z


Login to your VM, and open a browser to this same article page:

From within the VM, download the utility (as a zip file) from this link:

Extract the two files to c:\python26 on your VM

Open a command prompt (Start menu -> Search or Run "cmd") then run this batch file: c:\python26\mapit.bat


Cloud Folders will then be mapped to Z: in the active and all future logins.



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