Clone Environments in TeamLabs


Is it possible to clone an environment from my environment of three servers to a new team member's environment that is disconnected from mine?


I see copy VM but not copy environment.

Thank you,

Jeff Borghoff

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    Peter Franks

    Hello Jeff,

    Thanks and you are on the right track. The functionality of copying an environment is a little more granular and we have a few different functions for this. As long as you have taken a snapshot of your environment - which creates a Blueprint - another user on your team will be able to launch their own copy. 

    For example, as in the screenshot below, they can run a copy of your environment. In essence, all environments that a user runs in TeamLabs are clones of the original.


    Alternatively, if one of your users wants to create an environment based on single (or multiple) VMs from one of your environments (like in your screenshot), they can add one based on any of that environment's available snapshots.


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