Snapshots and Blueprints


Snapshots back up the entire environment as it is in its current state.  So that means a complete replica of all of your virtual machines, the RAM, CPU and disk allocations, the network configurations, users, installed software, documents and settings.  Even the current RAM and disk states are maintained up so any running services and applications you had when you started the Snapshot will be saved in that state. 

Once you initiate a Snapshot, you can continue working on your machines.  Please note that any work done after clicking 'Take Snapshot' will not be included in the Snapshot that is currently being taken.  

In CloudShare Enterprise and CloudShare TeamLabs, five snapshots are available per Blueprint.  So as a part of your environment you will have your Snapshot as a back-up and then the environment as it is in its current working state.

When a snapshot is completed you can immediately create new environments clones from this snapshot. 

There are two snapshots marked with special tags in the system. The “Default” snapshot is the snapshot used by all team members and customers, as opposed to more recent, (but possibly incomplete) snapshots. The “Latest” snapshot allows you to quickly locate the most recent snapshot.



A master or baseline template that may contain machines, storage, networking, preinstalled software, company branding and use case collateral from which all environments are created from. A blueprint is your master copy of an environment and may include up to five snapshots. When taking a snapshot from a running environment an authorized user can select between creating a new snapshot for an existing blueprint or create a new blueprint.

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    Nigel Belham

    Is the number of snapshots retained in a blueprint fixed at 5?

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    Peter Franks

    Yes, the maximum number of snapshots in a blueprint is set at 5. If you require more snapshots, what we suggest is branching off the snapshot and creating a new blueprint from it.

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