Machine import failed

Machine import failed

You may receive this notification when uploading a new machine to the CloudShare network based on a .OVA or .OVF image you created. 


This error can appear for a number of different reasons.  Among them, the most common are:

  1. The upload process itself stalled due to a network issue
  2. An incompatible image file
  3. A corrupt image file


To resolve the notification

1.      First try uploading the VM again to see if the issue is was simply that the network connection stalled during the upload process. 

2.      Ensure that your image file meets CloudShare’s prerequisites for VM Upload.

3.      Your image file can be validated using the CloudShare image validation tool under the Cloud Folders tab within your account.  



Best Practice

Please follow the VM Upload instructions provided.  Also make sure your image is from a VMware platform as other tools can create .OVA or .OVF files as well. 

Please also note that the thin provisioned size is not actual total size of your image, the disk size of the image will be the full size of the image. 

If the VM Upload process fails more than three times in a row, please contact Support.

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