Machine is missing administrator credentials



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    Erik Euwe


    I just made this big mistake and fear that I will have to revert to an older snapshot, I dont think to much changed since than so that at least is lucky. 

    I changed the password on the cloudshare and forgot to write down the old password. And I had also not changed it on the VM first. So now I am unable to get into the VM.

    I am posting here since this topic is a year old now, and perhaps something has been added to solve this issue. Is there any trick that I can do to get back into the VM or is my only solution to revert to the last snapshot?

    Kind regards,


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    Steve Leney

    Hey Tim - yeah I've done this before too.  The only way to get back is to revert I think.  I've gotten in the habit of taking a snapshot before I do any major changes just in case. 

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    Theo Gutierrez

    This article needs to be updated for how to accomplish this in LINUX. Everytime I add a user, I logon as root use the User Manager and add accounts. I then go to the Cloudshare user interface to add the user and password, but I still continue to see the warning message. I usually have to open a support ticket for someone to do something in VMWare.

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    Keith Johnson

    Still getting this message on a couple of VMs even after re-installing the VMTools, and confirming the Administrator's password are correct.

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