Machine is missing administrator credentials

Machine is missing administrator credentials

You may receive this notification if Administrators or Users have been configured in the CloudShare user interface but not in the virtual machine itself or if the original Administrator account has been deleted. 


If you do not have the original password issued by CloudShare or have deleted the Administrator account from CloudShare’s ‘Edit users and access’ menu, you will need to revert to a Snapshot or delete the machine and recreate it. 


To resolve the notification

1. If you still have the original Administrator account’s password you can recreate the login through the CloudShare user interface. 


2. Click ‘Check now’ to clear the notification message. 



Best Practice

Configuring new users is a two-step process. 

1. To avoid this in the future, be sure to add the user account in the VM before adding them to the CloudShare UI.  This can be done through the ‘User Accounts’ Control Panel or through adding a user in Server Manager. 

2. Add the user you created to the CloudShare UI in the ‘Edit environment > Edit users & access’ menu. 

We recommend that you leave the original Administrator account and password intact to ensure that CloudShare can perform maintenance on your environment when necessary. 

If you are still having problems, please make sure 'Customize password' is enabled.  

If the error message has not cleared after clicking 'Check now' then contact Support


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    Erik Euwe


    I just made this big mistake and fear that I will have to revert to an older snapshot, I dont think to much changed since than so that at least is lucky. 

    I changed the password on the cloudshare and forgot to write down the old password. And I had also not changed it on the VM first. So now I am unable to get into the VM.

    I am posting here since this topic is a year old now, and perhaps something has been added to solve this issue. Is there any trick that I can do to get back into the VM or is my only solution to revert to the last snapshot?

    Kind regards,


  • Avatar
    Steve Leney

    Hey Tim - yeah I've done this before too.  The only way to get back is to revert I think.  I've gotten in the habit of taking a snapshot before I do any major changes just in case. 

  • Avatar
    Theo Gutierrez

    This article needs to be updated for how to accomplish this in LINUX. Everytime I add a user, I logon as root use the User Manager and add accounts. I then go to the Cloudshare user interface to add the user and password, but I still continue to see the warning message. I usually have to open a support ticket for someone to do something in VMWare.

  • Avatar
    Keith Johnson

    Still getting this message on a couple of VMs even after re-installing the VMTools, and confirming the Administrator's password are correct.

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