Failed to add machine from template

Failed to add machine from template

You may receive this notification when adding a new machine from our library of templates. 


 The notification can also appear when accessing a Permalink (such as taking an environment from our SharePoint Showcase) or when recreating or reverting an environment from a Snapshot. 

This is a rare occurrence however can happen under certain conditions on our network. 



To resolve the notification

A machine will fail to be added only when it is first added to an environment or recreated as part of an environment. 

Failed to add machine when pulled directly from the template library: simply retry adding the machine. 

Failed to add machine when pulled from a Permalink: you can either try adding the same type of machine manually from the template library or delete the environment entirely and try the Permalink again.  In most cases, whoever provided the Permalink originally would have specific configurations unique to that environment, which that VM is a part of.  Therefore it is highly suggested to use the Permalink again rather than trying add the same type of machine manually. 


Once the machine has successfully been added, you will not see this notification. 


An optional fix to attempt


  1. Go to ‘Edit environment > Edit users & access’
  2. Select ‘Manage users’ on the failed machine
  3. Select ‘Edit’ and disable ‘Customize password’
  4. Try resuming the environment again
  5. If successful, re-enable password customization and take a Snapshot
Please note, in some cases you may need to first Retry adding the machine, then while it is still in the process of being added, edit the users & access.  


Best Practice

If either process fails more than three times in a row, please contact Support


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