Machine is not connected to a network

Machine is not connected to a network

You may receive this notification if the all of the virtual machine's network adapters are disconnected from a network.  


This error can typically appear on VMs that have just been uploaded to your CloudShare environment.  As such, the network might not have been defined yet so we do not know which LAN you would like this VM connected to once it is uploaded to an environment. 

You may also see this message if you have manually disconnected the adapter from the ‘Edit networks’ page. 


To resolve the notification


To fix this you can use ‘Edit networks’ under the ‘Actions’ menu to connect the machine to a network and configure the IP and access as you see fit. 







Best Practice

Make sure you have set the ‘External Access’ selection to ‘RDP Only’ or ‘Assigned’ for this machine.  Also make sure that the IP address listed here matches the IP address in the operating system.  Finally, make sure that RDP or SSH is enabled in the operating system. 

Configuring your machine in CloudShare is a two-step process.  First you need to configure the operating system, then you need to use ‘Edit Networks’ to tell CloudShare how to connect all of your machines.

If after properly configuring your network and you are still seeing the notification message, please contact Support.


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    uasya Pese

    Hi! My Virtual Windows XP could not make ping to anywhere, so I actually have not Network.

    What should I do to fix it?

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