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1. Accessing my machine via the Web

2. Share my machine via Web access

3. Web Access Issues








Web Access provides on-demand internet access to a web application running on your machines via a permanent web address.  This means:

  • Teams of developers, QA, IT, administrators and customers can now access their environment via HTTP/HTTPS any time.
  • The system seamlessly auto-resumes suspended environments when a user accesses the environment via the Web.
  • This can be used to access SharePoint and other Web-accessible templates via the Web.
  • This is a special offer - made freely available for a limited time* to ProPlus subscribers.




1. Accessing my machine via the Web


Simply click on the ‘Web access’ link on your machine summary page.  If your machine supports a Web server, it will open up the permanent URL of the machine in a browser window.




2. Share my machine via Web access


After clicking on the Web Access link above, it will open up the Web Access URL in a new browser window.  Simply copy and send this link from the browser window to your participants, so that they can access it via their browsers. 



The permanent Web Access URL is in the ‘More details’ section of the machine. 



If the machine is in a suspended state, it will be automatically resumed when you or your participants access it, and a progress bar is displayed as the machine is being resumed.





3. Web Access Issues


If you do not see the ‘Web access’ link your environment it may be disabled by default for that machine.  You can enable Web Access by navigating to ‘Edit Environment’ and selecting ‘Edit users & access’. 



Then check on the ‘Enable Web access’ box:



Select whether you require HTTP or HTTPS (via ports 443 & 8443-8449).  HTTP is the default setting:



Then save the changes and the Web Access link will be available in your machine list.  Web Access also requires your application to be running on ports 80, 443, 3695, 8000-8010, 8080, 8360, 8365, 8443-8449.   Currently Web Access supports ports 443 and 8443-8449 for SSL, all other available ports are for HTTP only.  Also, with that you do not need to install your own certificate as we handle this for you.  

To set up HTTPs for your web application and server, a quick guide on this can be found here.  


If you are interested in personalising your Web Access URL, you can assign your own URL to the root domain using Vanity URLs.  


To ensure it will be accessible to your participants, be sure to take a Snapshot and if using a web application like SharePoint, edit Alternate Access Mappings



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  • Avatar
    Dave Giles

    can we use a SSL certificate tied to the permanent URL?  I have a demo environment using an application for Apple iOS devices and they require SSL to "trust" the web server

  • Avatar
    Keith Bucknall

    @cloudshare - Guys how do I configure a demo SSL cert to ensure HTTPS access is working, I have configured a vanity url pointing to a web application but would like to configure this to use https - can you please help or do you have an article on this?

  • Avatar
    Peter Franks

    The way we have Web Access set up is that the proxy we use will automatically pass these requests through to IIS and your SharePoint site. As long as you are using a standard web application, you do not need to install or set up a dedicated certificate in IIS.

    I hope that clarifies how Web Access works with HTTPs but let me know if you have any other questions.  To make sure HTTPs is working, this screenshot should help as a quick guide.  


  • Avatar
    Peter Franks

    Attached is a more visible screenshot for you all. 

  • Avatar
    Eric Blais

    I had a problem with web access, I was getting a 404 page. The problem was that my IIS Site was not binded to * : 80 or * : your port. Hope this help 

  • Avatar
    Gururaj Deshpande

    Hi Scott,

    what is best VPN client that i can use to connect to the cloudshare VMs? 




  • Avatar
    John Calvert

    Image under heading "1. Accessing my machine via the Web" is not appearing, broken link? Url requested is All other images on this page are fine.

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