Vanity URLs

Vanity URLs allow you to specify shorter, personalized and memorable URLs to access your web applications in your CloudShare environment when utilizing the Web Access feature.

The hostname format is: {VANITY-NAME}



Setting Up a Project Abbreviation for a Vanity URL

Project Managers can set up a project abbreviation which by default adds a suffix to the suggested vanity name. The project abbreviation is exclusive, so once set it is reserved for that URL.

  • From the Management=>Account page, click on the respective project details link
  • Click the Edit button to edit the project settings
  • Project abbreviation for vanity name: specify the abbreviation you wish to use:
  • Click the Save changes button
  • Note: the project abbreviation can be 3 or 4 characters long


 Configuring a Vanity URL

 Project Managers can configure Vanity URLs for any active environment:

  • From the menu select Management=>Vanity URLs

  • The top part of the page lists the Vanity URLs which are already assigned to active environments

  • You can Edit or Release each Vanity URL
  • In the second part of the page you can assign Vanity Names to environment VMs

  • Select the Project and the Environment
  • Select the VM on which you have the Web Application you wish to assign a Vanity Name and click Create
  • We automatically suggest an available Vanity Name based on the VM Name and project abbreviation
  • Update the Vanity Name if needed, Enable Web Access, select whether to Start with HTTPS if your application is requires HTTPS and click Save
  • Your new Vanity URL is now set



  • Vanity Names only allow alphanumeric characters and hyphens according to the DNS specifications
  • Web Access and Vanity URLs work only with Web Applications
  • When assigning a Vanity Name to a VM, the External Address of the VM will be updated respectively using the same Vanity Name:








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    John Calvert

    Is there a limit of one vanity URL per VM in an environment? The admin GUI to set these up seems to limit this.

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