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Project Folders make it easy to share files between Project Members and with all of the CloudShare VMs in your Project.

You might already be familiar with your personal Cloud Folder, the cloud repository feature that allows you to move files from your local PC into your CloudShare VMs. Personal Cloud Folders allow you, BUT ONLY YOU, read and write access those files, from all machines in your environment and from all environments you have access to.

The Project Folder is an additional cloud repository that allows Project Members to share files with each other. The Project Folder allows read and write access to all Project Members within a Project, making them especially well suited to share:

  • code - when you have a code update that you want to share with others

  • utilities - such as installation files for 7Zip, Notepad++ etc.

  • project management artifacts - such as project plans, test plans and test results

  • any other files - certificates, documents, binaries, anything

The Project Folder is accessed the same way you access your Personal Cloud Folders, uploading by ftp/ftps and downloading to VMs using linked folders in the VMs. 

Project Folders are always visible and do not need to be enabled in the CloudShare UI. 


Accessing Project Folders

Like personal Cloud Folders, you can ftp files to your Project Folders. The same ftp credentials that you use to upload to your personal Cloud Folders are used.

When logged into CloudShare, you can click the Cloud Folders menu item to see your ftp credentials for both your personal Cloud Folder and Project Folder.

Accessing via FTP for upload:

When you access your Cloud Folders by ftp, you see folders for both your Personal Cloud Folders and your Project Cloud Folders. For example, after establishing an ftp connection using FileZilla:

Accessing Project Cloud Folders from within a CloudShare Machine

All Project Members can access both the Project Folder and their own personal Cloud Folder.

NOTE: Remember, when accessing Cloud Folders from within a CloudShare VM, your personal Cloud Folders are only shown if you have clicked “Show my Cloud Folders” button in the CloudShare UI, but the Project Folder is always shown.

On Windows Systems, access your Cloud Folders from the shortcut on the desktop:


On Linux systems, they are available under the /cloudfolders directory::



Additional Notes:

  • Project Folders are allocated 1 TB of space.

  • Project Folders are always enabled and cannot be globally hidden without contacting CloudShare support.

  • Project Folders cannot be hidden from individual team members.

  • Cloud Folders and Project Folders are accessible only for Project Members, and not End Users or Students (Enterprise Training).
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