Managing Project Members

Who has access to your Project?

Every now and then, it's good to perform a quick review of exactly who can view your users, blueprints, environments and content on CloudShare.  After all, this is your IP!  To take inventory, head to Users > Project Members:

By default, the menu filters out Project Members that haven't logged in recently, so change this to see older logins: 

Filter and Sort

This grid will often show you many more users.  You can then sort for their Last Login, and remove anyone you know no longer needs access: 

Reduce and Remove

There may be users with elevated privileges, eg. a Project Manager, that you can't immediately remove.  To remove them, first reduce their user level: 

Once you reduce their access level, you'll be able to Remove From Project.  

Note: removing a user will delete their active environments.  If you need to save those environments, snapshot them first.  


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