Two standalone SharePoint 2010 servers with domain controller



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    Peter Franks

    Hey Kirk, yes - we do have a shortcut for you.  Try using the SP2010 'server bits only' or 'unconfigured' templates.  This will allow you to have multiple SP2010 machines in the same domain.  

    If you're looking for a pre-built environment from our Showcase, try the Ultimate SP Developer farm.  This has a separate: 

    • AD

    • SQL

    • SP WFE

    • SP Apps

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    Kirk Liemohn

    Thanks, Scott!  That is great news.  I was only looking in the showcase, but I think what I need is too specific.  However, it looks like you have templates that can do what I want.  Because I need at least 4 machines in this environment.  I'm trying to create a hybrid SharePoint 2010 on-prem (in CloudShare) with O365 SharePoint 2013.  In my CloudShare environment, I think I need:

    • Domain Controller - the "Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 Enterprise SP1 W/ Active Directory" template should suite me well here
    • Profile Sync Machine - the "Windows Server 2008 SP2 x86 Standard" template should suite me well here (this must use x86 for some silly reason)
    • Standalone SP2010 #1 - maybe either the "SharePoint 2010 Additional Server Bits Only" or "SharePoint 2010 Enterprise - No Configuration" template
    • Standalone SP2010 #2 - same as above
    • Client Test Machine - will likely dual purpose the Profile Sync Machine and have it as a test client as well

    So I think my question is mainly around the "SharePoint 2010 Additional Server Bits Only" and "SharePoint 2010 Enterprise - No Configuration" templates.  It looks like the "no configuration" one has SQL server which I would want.  What concerns me is joining the domain after SQL server is installed.  Maybe that's OK.  Based on the "no configuration" name of the template, I assume that the SharePoint bits are physically on the machine, but the configuration wizard has not been run and therefore I can join the machine to the domain before configuring SharePoint.  So, I don't foresee any problems there.

    Any comments?


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