How to reduce overall RAM GB Hours While working on Sharepoint 2016 Environment



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    David Somerset

    well, with sharepoint it shouldn't be a surprise - it needs a lot of RAM, and if you use it, you're going to need to support it.

    Turning services off is a bad idea. You could reduce the amount of RAM used by each VM, but don't be surprised by poor performance.

    what you should probably do is get on a subscription that gives you more RAM hrs

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    John Calvert

    Hi David, when you say "stopping services", if you are referring to service applications yes you can remove them if you don't need them. If you are referring to the farm's core services and related Windows services, that requires more care but yes in principle you can pare down certain services. How much RAM is currently allocated to your three VMs? In a three server farm Microsoft recommends 12GB for the SharePoint 2016 front-end or batch server VM, Your SQL VM should be fine with 8GB, Your AD VM will be OK with 1-2GB. You may be able to run with less RAM on your SharePoint and SQL servers if the load is light. Give it a try with half of recommended and adjust from there.

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