How setup up User Profile Synchronization in CloudShare Sharepoint Enteprise?


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    Hi Juha,


    If starting the service fails, this is usually related to the permissions for the account that is running the profile service.  I use the following steps to get this working on a vanilla CloudShare SharePoint Enterprise 2010 VM.


    • Add the account you are running the service under (usually the SPFarm account) to local administrators.  You can do this by running the following command from a command window: net localgroup Administrators /add SPDOM\spFarmAcc
    • Reboot the VM - this forces a restart of services and means the SPDOM\spFarmAcc is given local administrator permissions
    • Start the profile service - remember to use the correct password for the SPDOM\spFarmAcc account - this is usually E8mvK11nKf
    • The service should eventually show "Started" status.  Once you see this, perform an IISRESET.  If you don't perform an IISRESET, the management pages for the user profile service in central admin will show an error message
    • Go to the management pages for the profile service (Central Administrator -> Application Management -> Manage Service Applications ->User Profile Service Application)
    • Ensure a connection is setup to the domain, and start a full crawl
    • At some point, remember to remove the farm account from local administrators.  It is only required to be a local admin for the first start of the service


    Hope this helps!



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