More servers with same domain?



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    Peter Franks

    Hi David,

    Thanks for reaching out. This is actually a common problem and has been discussed in our forums here and here.   

    If you filter through the available SP2013 templates, you will see those that can be added. In this case the 'Server Bits Only' template will work.




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    milan shres

    Hi Scott,

    I hope you are the right person to ask a question that I have regarding the cloudshare test environment. I am trying to build a small farm with sharepoint 2010 and separate sql 2008 R2 server. I have two server added so far in my envrionment. One is sharepoint 2010 without any configuration. I am trying to host the sharepoint database in separate sql server which I have already added. The problem is that the sql server is not part of that sharepoint domain. When I tried to add sql server in that sharepoint domain, I got some "DNS" error.

    At this point, I am not sure if 14 days trial period on cloudshare will allow the test user to have multiple server in the same domain so that they can create a multiple server in single domain.

    Can you please let me know if its possible to add that sql server into the sharepoint domain which is in different machine ?

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    Tzvika Zitzman

    Hi Milan,

    You should be able to add your SQL server to the SharePoint domain - did you follow the steps on  Add Virtual Machines to an Active Directory Domain?

    If you stil have issues joining the DB to the domain please provide details on the errors you received.

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