Contributors, Users & multiple log-ins to one VM at the same time


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    Peter Franks

    Hi Monika,

    Yes, what you require is definitely possible. By default, Windows Server OSs can have 2 remote users logged in at once. More mstsc licenses can be purchased from Microsoft if you require.

    To manage the set up multiple users, simply create their accounts in the OS. Then add these users with the same credentials to the CloudShare UI through 'Edit Users & Access'. Finally, you will want to disable auto-login from the CloudShare users menu as well. This will allow your users to select their ID and login manually from the standard Windows login screen. I have a guide on this in our knowledgebase  here

    Please note, if necessary we also have the option to use screen-sharing through the Console mode, rather than RDP.  This will allow two people to login as the same user and share the screen and mouse/keyboard control.  



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