SharePoint machine's poor performance



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    Dennis Jackson

    I looked and It appears to be Internet explorer:


    However I do not have IE open.

    It seems to be a system process related to FAST search crawl that is or did spawn those IE threads that are out of control.

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    Peter Franks

    Excellent catch Dennis! 

    I do recall seeing something similar in the past. I think what may have happened is a regular crawl was scheduled to run, and began as normal. However during the process it was cut off by the environment suspending as normal at the end of its time-out.

    Then after resuming the environment, SharePoint naturally thinks the crawl should still be running so continues to assign resources to it although nothing is actually happening. Over time this then adds up, slowly eating away at the VMs performance.

    If you do need to run a crawl, it may help to start this at the beginning of the day when you will be actively using the environment. This should allow it to complete as intended. Let us know if killing those processes helps boost performance.  



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