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    Peter Franks

    Hi Florin,

    Thanks for contacting CloudShare Support. I am sorry you appear to be getting logged out.

    We do detect activity to keep your login session active, however please note that we cannot detect activity from the virtual machine itself. Currently, we can only detect activity from the Environment View web page (where you click 'View Machine' or 'Edit Environment', etc.). In the next few months (2012 Q3-Q4) we will be improving our activity sensing to include activity from the VM itself. Until then you will need to occasionally refresh the environment web page or navigate around that page.

    Also, please note that you can extend the auto-logout to three hours, as often as you need. This can be very helpful if you will be working in the VM for extended periods. As a side note, when you are logged out for 'inactivity' after one hour (three hours if extended), the environment does not immediately suspend. The suspend time is purposefully delayed slightly to allow you time to log back in and quickly resume work.



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