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    Peter Franks

    Hello Michael,

    Thanks for following up. Now that you mention it, there actually is not a guide on adding new machines, so not a redundant question at all. This is usually one of the first steps as soon as you register with CloudShare but I see that if you take a pre-built environment from our Solution Showcase, you may miss the first step of environment creation. Here's a screenshot: 



    A single CloudShare license provides the ability to create an environment with set hardware resources available to it. Namely, 8 GBs of RAM, 10 CPUs and 300 GBs of disk space and you can purchase RAM add-ons up to 32 GBs. So the maximum number of machines you can have in one environment is 10, however you may run into other limitations on RAM and disk space. The resources you get by default are universal across monthly and annual subscriptions, however with an annual subscription, you pay far less per month.



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    Jerome Sabety

    Hi there,

    In the future, an option to buy RAM by 1GB incrementals? you could then charge USD5 or 6 a month for the upgrade. At the moment, I can't justify a full 8GB upgrade but would definitely consider 3 or 4GB for USD20 a month. That is lost revenue for you, but maybe your management overhead for the more granular breakdown makes it not worthwhile?


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