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    Peter Franks

    Hello David,

    Thanks for reaching out and testing our service. I hope your trial is going well so far and will be happy to help.

    If you are having a problem setting up and seeing your SharePoint site itself, external from the environment, this is something that is usually pre-configured on our standard templates. However with the 3rd party pre-configured environments, this was not automatically set up. To update this you can follow these guides:

    1. enable Web Access on the WFE machine. 

    2. assign the Web Access URL to  Alternate Access Mappings in SharePoint. 

    3. assign the Web Access URL to the site you require in IIS, using one of our open ports (80, 443, 3695, 8000-8010 & 8080), as in the screenshot below and attached (for a better view).


    This should get everything back on track for you but if you have any other questions, please let me know.  

    Please note, if using Vanity URLs, you will need to add these to your bindings in IIS as well.  


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