Why do I still own a "Copy of SAP HANA 30-Day Trial SPS5 No.1" yet I just purchased the SAP HANA Developer Edition?



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    Peter Franks

    Hey Moses, just an FYI, you posted your personal account details in a public forum.  I've deleted that for you. 

    The HANA trial is based on the older version and there is no documentation anywhere that suggests this gets upgraded when you purchase it directly.  However you can get the latest version of the environment directly from SAP's HANA site.  

    To save you some time, I went ahead and added this for you.  You will have 48hrs to:

    1. back up your data to your Cloud Folder

    2. delete the old environment

    3. take ownership of the new version and migrate your data

    4. take a snapshot

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    Moses Iisa

    Thanks Scott, I got to notice that I had mistakenly posted my account details - just like you noted above.

    I however do apprciate your quick response with easy to follow steps. Now i'm ready to enjoy my new environment.



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