Need full-text option in SQL server



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    Bruce Altner

    OK, I got this one figured out.  In case anyone else runs into this, the steps were:

      * Upload to Cloud folders an iso image of SQL Server 2012 installation DVD (or download from MSDN, which is much faster)

      * From Control Panel, run the Programs and Features tool on SQL Server 2012 to install additional features

      * Select full-text and let it update the server

      * Rerun the TFS Configuration, letting it create the Tfs_Configuration database. 

    Worked great.  Now I have a TFS connection, fully integrated with SharePoint to prototype.


    PS: While updating SQL Server I also installed SQL reporting services but this was not recognized by the TFS configuration tool.  I’ll look for other features I may have missed and try the same trick later, but this is strictly optional anyway.


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    Peter Franks

    Awesome find Bruce and thanks for posting.  I've just been researching this but it looks like you beat me to the punch.  

    As a side note, yes - you are always welcome to install what you need to get the job done if there is something you need that isn't available in one of our templates or in the Showcase.  

    Let us know how your project goes as it sounds like you're putting together something cool.  

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