Can the keyboard or OS language be changed?



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    Peter Franks

    Currently we do not have any pre-configured templates in a different language, however it is possible to change the OS language.  

    1. Start with a standard Windows Server 2008 R2 template (or any that contains this base image)

    2. Head to Microsoft's Multilingual User Interface Language Pack site

    3. Select the language you require and download the x64 version (not the ia64 version)

    Once downloaded you can start the install process.  After the installation completes:

    1. Navigate to the Region and Language menu

    2. Select 'Keyboards and Languages'

    3. Choose the language you installed and click 'Apply'


    Then log off and back on for the changes to apply.  

    Best Regards,

    Scott Petri | CloudShare Support

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    Peter Franks

    If you would like to change just the keyboard input to a non-latin based keyboard, you can follow the steps outlined below.  In this example we have used a Japanese keyboard.  

    NOTE: these steps are NOT REQUIRED FOR LATIN BASED KEYBOARDS: English (US), English (UK), French, German, Spanish (Europe), Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese (IME)

    I. Change Driver

    1. Navigate to Start->Control Panel->Keyboard
    2. On the Hardware tab, click Properties (note that the current driver is probably "Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard")
    3. On the Driver tab, click Update Driver...
    4. The Hardware Update Wizard launches. When it asks if Windows can connect to Windows Update to search for software, select "No, not this time" and click Next
    5. Select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" and click Next
    6. Select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install" and click Next
    7. Uncheck "Show compatible hardware"
    8. Select "Japanese PS/2 Keyboard (106/109 Key)" from the manufacturer "(Standard keyboards)" and click Next
    9. Click Yes to continue with the installation when the warning about installing incompatible device drivers appears
    10. Click Yes to continue with the installation when the warning about replacing PS/2 mouse port drivers appears
    11. Click Finish and reboot

    II. Add Japanese Keyboard

    1. Click "Regional and language..." in the control panel
    2. In the languages tab check the "Install East Asian languages" then click "Details"
    3. Click "Add"
    4. Input Language = "English (US or UK)", Keyboard = "Japanese"
    5. Close

    III. Change Registry

    1. hkeyLocalMachine/system/currentcontrolset/services/i8042prt/parameters the variable layerdriver JPN from kbd101.dll to kbd106.dll


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