Training - Creating a Multi-step Class

Multi-step classes allow you to have different environments, tailored for specific steps in a course, all contained within the same class.  Each step must be its own blueprint.  

Note: to easily build multiple, progressive blueprints from the same original environment, you must take a Snapshot and publish it to a new blueprint:


Creating the Class

1. Select the Multi-step option when creating your class

2. The following window lets you select whether to allow students to change steps themselves, the blueprints that will be used at each stage and which blueprint will be the starting point

3. Complete the remaining steps for creating your class


Managing the class

From the Instructor Console, you can move students from one step to the next.

1. Select the students environments you want to change, then Change Step

Note: the 'C' icon denotes that the environment's step can be changed, and hovering over this shows which step that student is currently on.

2. Select the step to move to 

This will delete the student's current environment. 

3. If you enabled access for students to change their step, this will appear in their Environment Viewer


Students can be moved forward or backward through those steps at any point.  At each change, the student's previous environment will be overwritten and replaced with the new version.  



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