Service Disruption - Slow Environment Provisioning - October 27th, 2014

10/27/2014, all times PDT

  • 4:30am: detected intermittent connectivity on one of our storage servers that manages virtual machines’ RAM state
  • 4:40am: Engineering initiated fallback procedures to a backup storage server and environments regained access to their RAM state, however some environments still failed to load or had very long preparation times
  • 4:45am: CloudShare restarted a core component of its infrastructure
  • 5:10am: detected similar intermittent connectivity on the backup storage server and fell back to a secondary system. Verified that the issue was with the OS of the storage device, rather than the device itself.  RAM storage device rebooted
  • 8:00am: RAM storage device is functioning normally, however there is a large backlog of environments that need to complete preparing


This was a very rare error with one of our vendor’s devices.  CloudShare has put monitors in place to detect this type of event in the future so that the resolution will be quick and seamless. 

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