CloudShare's ShellShock response

Dear Customers,

You have all probably heard of the latest Gnu Bash bug knows as: shellshock. The moment shellshock bash bug was announced, our engineering took 3 primary steps:

1) Block ShellShock via our Next-Generation IPS system:  

Any remote attempt to exploit the shellshock vulnerability will be blocked in our Firewall system before the traffic could even reach the system and\or customers' machines. So any system/machine with un-patched version of bash, is actually protected by an external layer of security via our IPS.

2) Patched all internal component/servers behind the CloudShare service: 

So our service and internal servers will be protected.

3) Patched all the relevant templates for our customers:  

So that new machines created from templates will already be patched.

Please note:

Even with the fact that you are protected because your machines are behind our IPS, we do recommend as a best-practice, that you will patch your machines/blueprints (everything new that will be created from our templates is already patched).

More details about how to patch your bash could be found here.

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