Release Notes - 5/25/2014

CloudShare TeamLabs and CloudShare Enterprise


  • Console Access - new HTML5 based console (no plugin required) replacing the Java console for all modern browsers supporting HTML5. For users using older browsers the Java Console is available. With Console Access you can connect and access any operating system even if the VM is not connected to the network
  • Persistent IP addresses for Shared Environments - the internal IP addresses for of the shared subnet are persistent and will be maintained throughout the life cycle of each environment (e.g. when the sub environment is resumed from a saved state)
  • VM Import - the "packaging" script which splits the OVA/OVF images to multiple archives now supports Linux/BSD OS clients (bash) in addition to Windows


  • VM Import - improved validation when a multi-part archive is missing



New Templates

  • SharePoint 2013 SP1 Additional Server Bits Only - Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server OS templates were updated to R2 
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  • Avatar
    Fred Morrison

    The new SharePoint 2013 SP1 template cannot be found. Perhaps your mention of it on this page should include a link to it whereever you have hidden it.

  • Avatar
    David Somerset

    really? searching the available templates after going to ADD VM for "SharePoint 2013 Enterprise SP1 Additional Server Bits Only" w/o quotes it shows up immediately for me.

  • Avatar
    Fred Morrison

    I was looking for an updated 3-VM SharePoint 2013 Farm in the "Showcase" and only found the same old out-of-date ones as before. Are you saying the "Showcase" has NOT been updated to use Windows Server 2012 R2? I need one of of those "I want this environment" setups from the Showcase. I don't have time to nickle-and-dime my way through one server at at time.

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