CloudShare Browser Compatibility - Discontinuing Support for Internet Explorer 8

CloudShare is committed to providing industry-leading products and services. In order to deliver the best product and user experience, we are continuously enhancing and adding new functionality as well as supporting new browser versions. To maintain and improve the quality of our service, we also need to discontinue the support for older browser versions.

CloudShare is announcing that effective August 3rd 2014, we will discontinue support of the following browsers for our future releases:

  • Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

These older browsers are either out of support or in extended support by their respective vendors and deliver a sub-optimal experience with our product.

CloudShare continues to support the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome - latest release
  • Firefox - latest release
  • Internet Explorer 9 and higher
  • Safari  - latest release (MacOS and iOS only)

We strongly encourage you to upgrade your browser to a newer and supported version, or consider a dual browser strategy, according to your company policy.

We are sure you will enjoy the new functionality and enhancements. If you have any questions or concerns please contact CloudShare Support.

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    Tzvika Zitzman

    Please note that since Internet Explorer 9 doesn't does not fully support HTML5, hence the new HTML5 based remote access pages will not be available. If you are using Ie9, you will still be able to use the old RDP plugin and Java Console.

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