Release Notes - 04-27-2014

CloudShare TeamLabs & CloudShare Enterprise


  • Export VM workflow: export your configured and tested environment VMs to your production datacenter, customer or just for a backup. We have rewritten our export VM feature from scratch, with a simple workflow and much improved speed
  • Advanced Collaboration - Project Managers & Team Managers can assign advanced privileges to an environment contributor
  • Send email notification to a training instructor when assigned to a class
  • Ruby SDK (beta) - integrate CloudShare API with your Ruby application


  • Environment Message Board - in some cases it takes time for the post button to be displayed
  • Auto-logout redirects the user to ProPlus login page
  • Check VM User Credentials fails when credentials include a non-ASCII character



Two new VM templates designed for functional testing and loaded with tools were added for manual and automated testing. All you need is to add them to your environment and you can start testing in minutes:

  • Functional Testing on Window 2012 R2 W / Desktop Experience
  • Functional Testing on Window 2008 R2 W / Desktop Experience

The templates include Desktop Experience and the following applications & tools:

  • Browser: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox
  • Mobile: Android emulator
  • Automation: SeleniumHQ (for FireFox), PhantomJS
  • Utilities: Fiddler, WireShark



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