Remote Access for RDP over HTML5

CloudShare has been working on a new remote access method over the past few months and we are progressively rolling out this new tool to all customers.  You can read all about the behind-the-scenes work here in our TechBlog.  

Chrome, Firefox and other modern browsers are retiring the use of NPAPI plugins (Netscape Plugin API) towards the end of 2014.  Of course, this could cause some issues as the main browser RDP interface we use is one of these plugins.  Therefore it is time to modernize how we connect to remote machines running on CloudShare.  

Our new RDP tool uses HTML5 and therefore all you will ever need to connect to a CloudShare VM is a browser.  Never again will you have to jump through the hoops of installing plugins, requesting permissions and granting a plugin access to something in your browser.  

To test your browser's compatibility, feel free to run our standard connectivity test which has been re-configured to account for HTML5 access.  Our browser compatibility matrix is below: 

You will of course need to make sure you have access to these standard ports: 


Remote Access Options


Very little has changed in the UI, however one of the first things you may notice are the three buttons at the top of your VM page: 

Edit Clipboard: lets you copy & paste text from your local computer to the VM

Ctrl-Alt-Delete: sends that key combination to the VM

Windows Key: activates that key in the VM

Fullscreen: as before, will maximize the VM's view: 

However you will now have a new menu with additional options.  To match your VM's resolution to your local computer, select Fullscreen, then set Resolution > Maximum.  

As always, you can set your default access settings from the left-hand menu.  


Standard RDP

Regular RDP access via terminal services (the legacy model) still works.  You can access this using your computer's installation of Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc.exe).  Connecting to the VM's external address or downloading the RDP file


Using the old plugin

If you are using an older browser, such as Internet Explorer 8 or 9, please read these articles: 

Plug-In Installation

RDP Connectivity Issues



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  • Avatar
    Michael Carter

    The new menu in full screen is positioned at the top right of the screen. This covers up the minimise, maximise and close buttons on a full screen window. You can move the new menu but it keeps resetting to the top right each time you go to full screen mode. In the previous version, the menu was positioned centrally. This was much better.

  • Avatar
    Michael Carter

    In the old version, I used to be able to copy and paste files. Why can I no longer do that? is there a setting I need to change?

  • Avatar
    Peter Franks

    Hi Michael, thanks - great suggestion, I've passed it on. And copy/paste of files is not available yet. In the meantime, you can use the standard mstsc.exe client or Cloud Folders to transfer files.

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