Environment Message Board

Did you ever want to add notes, exchange messages and track ideas on an environment you are working or collaborating on?

Now it's easy.


Opening the Environment Message Board

  • Just go to any active environment you have access to and click the message icon on the top right.
  • The message board is displayed and you can type your message in the text area.
  • Click the Post button to submit your message

  • Click done to see your environment's VMs.
  • When there are new messages the icon changes to:

  • Clicking the icon displays the message board (latest message on top)


Who can view and add messages?

Every user with permission to access the environment can access the message board including contributors and project managers.


Other Notes

  • Each user can Edit or Delete messages they have submitted.
  • Project Managers can moderate the message board and edit/delete other messages.
  • Environment Message Boards are maintained for deleted environments so you can always go back and review the notes.
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