Enhanced Collaboration (TeamLabs, Enterprise)

The Share feature lets you share your own environments and end user environments with other project members for collaboration. You can let other project members modify environments, take snapshots, create new environments based on yours or simply view your environment. 

Each project member can share the member's own environment or an end user environment with:

  • All project members
  • Specific project members by explicitly assigning contributors to their environment

We support two types of contributor modes:

  • Basic: can see the environments shared with them, resume/suspend the environment and remotely access the environment's VMs (RDP, Console, SSH...).
  • Advanced (can only be set by Project Manager or Team Manager roles): includes all privileges of basic mode and in addition can take snapshot, invite other contributors to the environment, and view other contributors.

 Assigning contributors

  • Go to the environment page of the environment you wish to share, and click the Share button
  • Select All project members to share the environment with all project members or select Specific members of the project to explicitly share the environment with one or more project members.
    Start typing the email address of the project users you wish to share the environment with and select the auto-complete options that appear below.

    Notein order to assign a project user, the user must be an active project member
  • Select contributor mode: Project Managers TeamManagers can select between Basic and Advanced contributor modes

  • You can send a default email notification to the users with whom the environment has been shared or customize the email message
  • Click Assign contributor to save the environment sharing settings
  • You can unassign a project user by clicking the Share button and the X icon on the right of the user and click the Done button

Accessing an environment as a contributor


  • In order to see/access environments shared with you, mouse-over the Environment tab and select Shared With Me


  • Click the environment name or the Details link to go to the environment page
  • As a contributor you can suspend/resume an environment, and access the environment's VMs (RDP, Console, SSH...)


Enabling the collaboration feature

To enable collaboration: 

  1. go to Management > Account
  2. select the project name where you want to enable this
  3. in the project's settings, select edit and check on 'Allow contributors on environments (across teams)'

Please note this last setting 'across teams'.  If you are using CloudShare's Partner Management within a project, it allows you to create siloed groups of users within a designated 'team'.  

Users in teams within your project would be able to see and invite users from other teams within the same project. 


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