Create an Environment from a Blueprint or a Template



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    Pro-Sapien Development

    I can't see this screen on my TeamLabs account, I can only see the old version. When is it being rolled-out?



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    Peter Franks

    Hey Andy, I've enabled this for your projects now. The next time you log in you should see it. If not, shoot a message over to Support:

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    Sri Valluri

    I dont see this screen either. Typically hoe long does it take to add a new VM. i have created an environamnet and waiting for past 1 hr and it still says loading. need help.

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    Peter Franks

    Hi Sri - from the post: (Note: currently applies to TeamLabs customers only).

    This will be released for Enterprise at a later date.

    If you are having a specific problem with an environment, please contact support directly.

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