Remote Access Default Settings and RDP File Download

The following are new capabilities we recently introduced and are applicable to all CloudShare products. We will be happy to hear your feedback and additional feature requests by writing to us in our Feature Requests Forum.


Default Settings per User in Remote Access Page

CloudShare provides you with a Remote Access page to enable you to connect to your CloudShare Environments and VM’s.

We know that every user uses a different client machine and method to remotely connect to the CloudShare virtual machines. As a result, each of you may have your own preferences on how to view your machines (such as resolution and color depth).

Until now, you had to adjust your remote access settings in each and every connection. But now, we allow you to save your own default settings based on your preferences for the remote connection. These settings will be saved and the default that will be loaded each and every time you connect to your machines.


Here’s how to view and set your Remote Access Default Settings:

  • In the Remote Access Page left pane, click on ‘Default Settings’ (you may need to open the left pane if it is closed)


  • The ‘Default Settings’ section will be expanded and your settings can be viewed
  • Change any of the settings you wish according to your preference and click on ‘Set as default’. Changes will take affect on page reload or on the next time the Remote Access page is opened.



  • In order to revert back to the system default recommended settings, click on ‘Load Defaults’

Please Note:

  • Each setting has it’s own default setting recommended which is  recommended by CloudShare and marked as (Recommended)
  • Regardless of your or the system’s default settings, you can always change the settings of the current remote connection via the toolbar at the top right. These changes apply immediately to the current connection but are not saved beyond it.


Immediate Remote Desktop Connection (RDP File Download)

You are now able to download our external RDP file per VM, directly from the Environment view page allowing you to have easier and faster access into your virtual machine.

  1. In the Environment View page --> VMs List section, click on the ‘RDP file’ option
  2. You will be prompted by your browser to Open or Save the file.
  3. If you choose ‘Open’, you will immediately be prompted to enter the VM credentials information.
  4. If you choose to ‘Save’ to your local machine, you can easily connect to your VM at any time by running the saved RDP file without the need to login to CloudShare.



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  • Avatar
    John Calvert

    Great to have these new features. especially the default settings, nice little present for xmas.

    Small suggestion, the "Load Defaults" button might be better named "Reset" or something like that, as you don't mean to load the defaults that I've saved but to reset the settings back to "factory" defaults.

    I tried using the "Full screen auto-adjust" setting it to "Yes" and was expecting that the in-browser remote session would have the setting "Auto - FullScreen Resolution" on my PC 1920 x 1200 but it didn't work that way. It continued to open the in-browser remote session at the previous setting of 1440 x 900. Am I misunderstanding the purpose of the default setting or is it not working?

  • Avatar

    Thank you for the feedback and glad you find the new features useful.

    We will look into the terminology and consider some modifications.

    As for the  "Full screen auto-adjust" - as we noted in the tooltip, it means that your screen with Auto-adjust when moving to Full Screen (and not that it will automatically open in Full screen). Note that you also have settings for the 'RDP Resolution' in addition to the aforementioned.

    If you have further questions or feel it does not behave on your machine as expected, please open a support ticket and we will review your specific use-case.

  • Avatar
    John Calvert

    Thanks for your reply. I reviewed the various default options and am still confused. I would like the VM to always open with "FullScreen Resolution" aka the maximum resolution that my monitor is currently configured for, regardless what I click on the Environment page VM list, eg View VM or View VM | Fullscreen RDP. Is this possible? If so please tell me how. At present if I simply click View VM it doesn't matter what defaults I have selected I find myself always having to change the resolution in the resolution selector. Thanks

  • Avatar

    John, thank you once again. We identified we have an intermittent issue when the 'RDP Resolution' is set to 'Full Screen' or 'Auto Resolution' and we are working to resolve it.

    If you have further questions or issues, please open a support ticket.

  • Avatar
    Peter Franks

    Just as an addition, if you connect to Windows 2012 VMs and require Network Level Authentication (enabled in Windows' Remote Settings), you must enable CredSspSupport.  


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