ProPlus/TeamLabs Contributor Feature Migration FAQ

What is the ProPlus/TeamLabs Contributor Feature Migration?

As part of CloudShare’s increasing focus on team collaboration, we are transitioning the extended contributor functionality currently in ProPlus to our TeamLabs offering. ProPlus users will continue to have access to two contributors per environment; teams that require three or more contributors per environment must move to TeamLabs.


When will this change take place?

Sunday, December 8th 2013.


Why are you limiting contributors in ProPlus?

We released our TeamLabs product as the ideal choice for collaborative development and testing – and we continue to enhance it with functionality required by larger teams.  ProPlus is a robust solution for individual users, yet – recognizing that no one works on an island – it will still include the capabilities necessary for sharing work with one or two colleagues.  Larger teams will find in TeamLabs a more suitable solution for their needs. 


I am an active ProPlus customer. What if I already have more than two contributors in my environments?

Your existing environments will be unaffected - all current environments with more than two contributors can continue uninterrupted.  However, if, at any time your team drops down to two contributors or less, you will no longer be able to add a third. 


If I can keep more than two contributors in my current ProPlus environments, does the same apply for new environments I create?

No, all new environments you initiate will be limited to two contributors.


How do contributors work in TeamLabs?

  • User management capabilities are embedded in workflows for easier environment management, sharing and collaboration.

  • User role definition enables multiple levels of hierarchy and assigns granular user permissions. Users within the same project will be able to collaborate on the Project's environments, based on the role granted to them and access level it permits.

  • Role-based access allows for better management, security and control over users’ actions. A Project Manager has the flexibility to grant users with access to different functions, or limit them as required by the organization or within a specific project.


What else does TeamLabs offer that I can’t get in ProPlus?

  • Resources: more CPUs and increased RAM

  • Additional resources on demand

  • Multiple blueprints/snapshots

  • Project Cloud Folders

  • Fully enabled API/CLI

  • Centralized project management and administrative capabilities

  • Environment runtime policies

  • Complex networking

  • Better VM management: upload and copy environments


Who can I talk to about upgrading to TeamLabs?

Contact your account representative, or


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