Discontinuing support for Internet Explorer 7 (“IE7”) and introducing new UI enhancements

What we are announcing?

  • Starting May 1st, 2013, CloudShare will no longer support Internet Explorer 7 (“IE7”). Going forward new releases will not be tested with IE7 and we will no longer guarantee compatibility with IE7. For these reasons, we encourage IE7 users to upgrade to a newer versions.
  • Towards the last week of April, 2013, we will roll out an enhanced home page for CloudShare Enterprise and incremental product page layout changes that will improve the user experience. This is part of an ongoing investment we are making in enhancing our product usability.

Why are we discontinuing support for IE7?

As we are developing new functionality and supporting new browser versions, we need to ensure that we keep the same level of quality. To do so, we need to drop older browser versions. Based on our monitoring systems, IE7 is less than 5% of the total traffic to our application and we have decided that supporting IE7 will be discontinued.

What are we recommending?

Going forward, our supported browsers will be Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 and 10, and the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (Mac and iOS only). Please use these browser versions when accessing the CloudShare web application.

What are the new UI changes?

As part of out continued investment in CloudShare Enterprise, we are modernizing the UI, including new graphics, colors and homepage. We are sure that you will enjoy the new UI and hope you will like the new color scheme. 

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    yohanan maman

    hi, i buy a server from you and all of my ports are close how can i open ports ?

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    Tzvika Zitzman


    CloudShare ProPlus comes with a set of available inbound TCP ports - for more information please see TCP ports

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