New Machine View Page

Welcome to the New Machine View Page


The RDP Machine View Page has been redesigned to better suit your needs.  All the information you previously saw is still available however has been moved to a full menu in the left-hand pane.  Options to adjust the view of each virtual machine are now available through icons in the top-right corner. 


If you prefer to continue using the older style, you can return to this from your left-hand menu.  The option is available at the very bottom.  The older style will eventually be deprecated. 


If you would like to move back to the new Machine View page again, select this option from the top of old Machine View page. 



Tabbed Virtual Machines


The new Machine View Page comprises your entire environment within one browser tab. 

Each machine can be accessed from the menu on the left and will be displayed in its own dedicated tab, within your main browser’s tab.  In a multi-VM environment, this will help you jump back and forth through multiple machines more easily, while reducing the number of discreet browser tabs required. 



You can jump back to the environment by clicking its link at the top of the left-hand menu or expand it’s description. 

If you prefer to open a machine in a completely separate browser tab, you can do this by right-clicking the ‘View Machine’ button for that VM. 





View Controls


In the top-right corner of the Machine View page you will see icons to control the distinct view style for each VM.  These settings remain persistent for each machine. 



The ‘RDP’ and ‘Con’ icons will allow you to switch between the available connection methods.  To maximize your screen space, icons will expand and collapse to provide their further options. 

If in doubt of what each icon does, simply mouse-over each for a description from its tooltip. 


Reclaim Screen Real-estate

Always in high demand, we have included extra functionality with the left-hand menu.  Each item can be minimized or the entire menu itself can be hidden.  



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  • Avatar
    Craig Pilkenton

    Thanks Scott, this looks like an interesting way to use this view.  I had a question on browser compatability (using the header?) as I'm getting the following erroneus error when using Internet Explorer.


  • Avatar
    Peter Franks

    Hey Craig, are you using IE's F12 Developer Tools?  If so, can you check if Browser and Document mode are set to IE9?  


  • Avatar
    Craig Pilkenton

    Scott, both Browser & Document Mode are set to IE9.



  • Avatar
    David Dvora

    Hey Craig,

    I see in the second screenshot that your browser mode is set to IE9 compatibility mode, can you switch that to just IE9 and check again?

    If the page will load in compatibility mode it won't matter if you have Internet Explorer 9, it will be unusable 


  • Avatar
    Craig Pilkenton

    Thanks David, that's worked.  I had to open and close the IE Developer Tools a few times, setting it each time for it to work properly but I was finally able to get the frame and the toolbar to show.

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