SSH and Console access to your CloudShare VMs may not work due to Java Vulnerability

CloudShare uses a Java browser plugin for Console and SSH access. Due to a critical Java vulnerability which was identified last week, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox added precautions when running Java plugins which may not allow you to connect to your CloudShare VMs via SSH or Console access.

If you are unable to connect to your CloudShare machines using Console or SSH connections, please take the following steps to upgrade your Java version and re-enable the Java plugin in your browser:

1. Uninstall older Java versions

2. Install latest Java version from here (please note that the Google Chrome plugin requires a Windows restart)

3. Enable Java plugins on Firefox

4. Run the CloudShare Troubleshooting page


If you don't want to re-enable Java you can still connect to your CloudShare VM's console via VNC Viewer or SSH clients. You should connect to your CloudShare VM's public address (can be found under machine details in your environment page) and use these ports:

  • VNC: port 5901
  • SSH: port 22

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  • Avatar
    Alexander Verharen

    Great that Cloudshare has this type of information available!

  • Avatar
    Anirudh R

    How can  I change the port SSH is running on?

  • Avatar
    Tzvika Zitzman

    Changing the SSH port is based on the SSH server configuration you are using - please refer to the SSH server documentation. Please note that CloudShare SSH browser plugin only works with SSH default port (22). It is also important to remember that only the ports listed here are available for inbound traffic to your VMs (in your environment internal network all ports are available)

  • Avatar
    tim liton

    is not working for me

  • Avatar
    Graeme Thompson

    This is even a problem for me on IE. Is this going to be some kind of a daily issue now? Stupid waste of my time...

  • Avatar
    Peter Franks

    Hi Graeme, were you having a particular problem with IE?  There was a specific Java vulnerability however there have since been two updates to their platform.  If you are still having difficulties, try fully uninstalling Java then resintall the latest version from scratch.  

  • Avatar
    Tzvika Zitzman

    @Graeme - if you are using the new machine page please note that console access no longer require Java if you are using browsers which support HTML5 (Chrome, Firefox, IE10). Java is only required for browser SSH client, older browsers and CloudShare Enterprise customers using the Environment Explorer portal.

  • Avatar
    Jim Gambino

    New cloudshare plugin is great but there is no internet access in the VMs? I cant even ping your router>??

  • Avatar
    Tzvika Zitzman

    @Jim - outbound internet connection is available for subscribed users only.

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