Service Disruptions - February 11th and February 12th 2013

At CloudShare we had a couple of very challenging days where we experienced several service disruptions, resulting in partial outages and intermittent slow network connections.

At this point we believe that these incidents were a result of malicious external Distributed Denial of Service to the CloudShare network. (A DDoS is an attack designed to overload a service to take it offline).

Several remedies have already been implemented to mitigate these issues, and we are working rigorously to obtain more details. We will be posting a full post mortem once our investigation is complete.  

We know that you as a customer rely on our services and we are committed to take all necessary steps to avoid these types of incidents.

We apologize for the service disruption and would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during these incidents.



Avi Karnon, VP Operations

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    Sandeep Joshi



    Since last one month we continue to face challenges with CloudShare environment. The network performance continues to be poor with intermittent outages. The support tickets raised on these issues for our environments continue to be open for days with no updates.


    You had mentioned in the previous update that you will be posting a full post mortem once the investigation is complete. Is the investigation complete now or is it still pending pending? It is almost 4 weeks since this post and I have not seen any further updates from you on this subject.




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