Moving or Copying a Blueprint to a different Project

This article explains how a user of CloudShare TeamLabs or Enterprise can move or copy Blueprints between projects.


1. The User performing this move must be a Project Manager in both the source and the target Projects.

2. The new Project must have been setup to allow “New/Edit Environment” and must have sufficient storage space. You can view these settings under Management -> Account, and then select the project.


Copying a Blueprint

The approach involves taking a snapshot of an existing environment into the new Blueprint.


First, view the Environment, then click the Take Snapshot button.

In the Snapshot options screen, choose the following options:

1. Choose “Publish to a new blueprint” radio button

2. Enter the new Blueprint Name

3. Select “Don’t copy Environment policies (create in any project)” This selection will enable the Project Selection field

4. Select the targetproject where the Blueprint will be created

5. Click the Take Snapshot button


That’s It! Once the snapshot completes, the new Blueprint will be available within the target Project.


Moving a Blueprint to a different Project

Moving a Blueprint follows the the same as Copying a Blueprint (above), except after you copy the Blueprint, you need to delete it from the source project.

Note that a Blueprint can only be deleted from a Project if there are no active Environments using the Blueprint in the Project.


To Delete a Blueprint:


Click on Management-> Projects menu item to see your list of Projects.

NOTE: Make sure you do not select Management -> Blueprints menu item since this will take you to the Blueprint without a Project context, and you cannot delete a Blueprint from that screen.

From the list of projects, select the project containing the Blueprint you want to delete.


In the Project screen, scroll down and click on  the Blueprint you want to delete.

A “Project-Blueprint Details” screen will then be shown.

Note that the number of Active Environments must be zero. A Blueprint can only be deleted from a Project if there are no active Environments using the Blueprint.

Click the Delete button, and the Blueprint will be removed from the project. Any copies you have of this Blueprint in other Projects will not be affected.

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