Requesting and setting up a CloudShare VPN Gateway

CloudShare Enterprise and CloudShare TeamLabs allow you to provision a dedicated secured VPN connection between your on-premise network and your CloudShare environments. CloudShare's VPN currently supports IPsec tunnels.

To begin the process: 

1. Create a small environment, typically a single VM (Windows or Linux) with minimal resources.  This will be your shared environment.  

2. Contact your CloudShare main technical contact or open a support ticket from this portal to request a VPN Gateway setup with a Shared Environment.  Note that the shared environment will:  
  • need to be Always On
  • act as your gateway to all environments running in your Project
3. You will need to know: 
  • your list of on-premise subnets that should be allowed to connect to the VPN
  • the subnet you wish to use for the cloud resources (the internal network IP range for your CloudShare VMs)
  • IP address of your on-premise VPN endpoint
  • the vendor and model of your VPN endpoint
Once CloudShare completes the Shared Environment setup, if required we will provide you with the following information:
  1. Public IP address for the VPN gateway
  2. Secret key

 Otherwise, review the next steps in setting up your VPN from this post.  

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