CloudShare Explorer for Visual Studio 2012

The CloudShare Explorer plugin allows you to manage your environments directly from Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 Preview.  

It creates a new view inside of Visual Studio and once linked with your ProPlus (limited support), TeamLabs or Enterprise account, you can resume environments, delete, add and revert machines, even revert whole environments.  

The plugin helps developers code normally in a tool they are already familiar with.  


  • Complete list of your CloudShare environments in the CloudShare Explorer tab. The list is continuously updated with the status of the environments.
  • Full screen remote access to the CloudShare machines with just a click of a mouse.
  • Resume your lab environments.
  • Revert the environment, or a specific machine, to the latest snapshot (only works with a CloudShare TeamLabs / Enterprise account).
  • Web access to your lab web servers within Visual Studio.
  • Add a machine to an environment (only works with a CloudShare TeamLabs / Enterprise account).
  • Delete a machine in an environment (only works with a CloudShare TeamLabs / Enterprise account).
  • Prevent CloudShare environments from being suspended if the user is still working on them.
  • Highly customizable - you can turn on / off most of the functionality of the plugin as needed

When combined with the TFS plugin, developers can work inside Visual Studio and also automatically provision environments to have their code deployed for testing seamlessly. 

Run the installation from the extensions gallery within Visual Studio.  The .vsix file is attached, however may cause errors when intalling from a manual download.  After installing, click 'Connect' to link to your CloudShare environment and enter your API credentials.  



Your API Credentials can be found in your user account page: 


For TeamLabs or Enterprise customers, this can be found on your user settings page: 



Once the VM is running you can access the web application hosted on it, get a direct accelerated RDP connection to it and perform many other common tasks.  



For further help, please see our API documentation.  

The plugin can be downloaded below.  

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