Deleting Users


I'm not sure how I can delete or downgrade old user accounts that are not currently in use.  

Does that need to be done via a support ticket?


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    Peter Franks

    Hi Bruce,

    Great question. You can remove a user from your project however you may need to first downgrade their access level from a Project Member to a Team Member. Once you do, you will see the 'Remove from Project' option appear as in this screenshot: 




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    Peter Franks

    If you have old users in your project that no longer need access, you can also remove them from the Managment > Users menu. Be sure to filter for all users that might have ever been a member of your project.

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    Sameer Salunke

    After removing user will the environments owned by him also removed or still we can use those environment.

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    Peter Franks

    For the benefit of everyone - yes, removing a user from your account also deletes their active environments. If you need to save an environment, take a snapshot.  You can also automate this with Zapier.

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