Deleting Blueprints

As a Project Manager, you have the ability to delete unneeded Blueprints. Here is the workflow:

1. Select the Management > Projects menu 

2. Click on your Project 

This will bring you to the Project details page. Scroll down the page to the list of Blueprints. 

3. Click on the Blueprint you want to delete 


4. Click on the delete button



Note: you will only be able to delete the Blueprints that do not currently have running environments. Additionally, if you have multiple Projects, the Blueprint needs to be deleted from each Project before it will actually be deleted.


TIP: you can see the current Blueprints and their storage consumption with the following steps: Select the Reports tab, click on the Resources sub-tab, choose your date range, Contract(s) and select 'Update'. You will then get a report of the current resource usage. Selecting a specific resource will show you the underlying Blueprints.

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