CloudShare Enterprise Overview - Getting Started

Welcome to CloudShare Enterprise


For your reference, we have published a few guides for our Enterprise platform that may be accessed directly from the following link:

To run an environment on-demand from Blueprint (Environment Template):

NOTE: The Instructor Led Training feature can only be available after you notify CloudShare Support and provide the blueprint name that you built with the duration of a typical workshop:

The following guide provides you some details on managing the cloud resources, including managing of Blueprints and Environment Policies:

Some of our customers will typically implement customized integration workflows through the use of API Calls. For further information on implementing the APIs, please see the following documentation:

Generating Reports from Reports > Resources tabs:

  • The running environments consume Memory and disk as shown under the Memory Size Peak and Environments Disk Size Peak columns
  • The Snapshot Disk Size Peak column displays the blueprint(s) stored on disk where all environment instances start from
  • Total disk Size Peak column provides the sum of environments, stored blueprints and CloudFolder usage
  • If you’d like more details on who actually used the resources, the values are hyperlinked and a mouse click will navigate you to a new page with more details

Time in Environment report is available from the Reports > Actions drop down menu


Finally, our support can be reached via email CloudShare Support; International: 1-650-331-3428; Toll Free: 1-888-352-6593


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