Advanced Networking in CloudShare

Advanced Networking in TeamLabs and Enterprise



1. There is a list of ports that are open in the Supported Browsers & Plugin Installation guide.   


2. If you look in: CloudShare Dashboard --> Environments --> Environment details --> ‘Edit networks’ --> click on the ‘Advanced’ button at the top of the page --> click on one of the machines on the left side of the screen --> 



This will allow you to view the details of that machines network configuration.  


3. If you want to allow inbound traffic the machine must be configured for 'Public IP' in the 'Inbound Access' field.


4. You can also edit the inbound ports (both TCP and UDP) for each machine.  The ports you add here must be in the list of ports open in the corporate firewall*.  If there are no ports configured it allows inbound traffic on ALL ports.  We don not recommend this; the best practice is to only allow inbound connections on the specific ports you require.  


5. Finally the machines operating system may have a firewall.  This firewall will also need to be configured to pass the inbound traffic through.




* If you need a port that is not open in the corporate firewall and you cannot modify your software to use a different open port, just contact Support and our IT Team will research the feasability of opening that new port.




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