Invite Project Members

Provide Project Members Access to your Project and the CloudShare Dashboard

When you need to create, add or modify a user account, everything you need is under the Users menu. 

Inviting new Project Members will issue an email invite with instructions and a URL.  When new users click the URL, they will be prompted to fill in the required details and become a user in a specific Project with a set role.

If existing users receive an invitation, the relevant role is added to their current access level.  If Team Members receive a Project Manager invitation, they will become a Project Manager.


1. From the CloudShare Dashboard, navigate to Users > Project Member Invitations


2. Click Invite Project Member


3. From the Add a project member dialog box, complete the appropriate fields and select Send confirmation email check-box


4. Click the Send confirmation request button
COMMENT: CloudShare Enterprise features a simple user hierarchy comprised of three distinct levels:

  • Project Manager:  Project Managers are administrators for an entire project, able to see and monitor all users and all organizations in the project, as well as add new Project Members. Project Managers are also able to manage and publish snapshots.
  • Team Manager:  (Available When Team Management is Enabled) Team Managers are able to add new Project Members, but are limited to the scope of their own team; only Project Managers can see activity in multiple teams.
  • Team Member:  Team members can interact with their customers only - the actions of fellow team members or other customers not assigned to them cannot be viewed 


To remove a Project Member, demote them first. 

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