Enterprise End User Invitations

Issue Environments to Customers or Prospects

An End User invitation enables the recipient to access the Evaluation Explorer (End User portal) only. An End User invitation is a specially crafted email containing a link. The link is a single use token, granting access to one environment that is a private copy of the base "blueprint" saved in the platform, so you and your end-users can alter or customize each environment post-creation without fear of interfering with other environments.

When the email is sent, the invitation token will remain valid as configured in the "Invite a new end user" form (30 days by default). The lifetime of the environment is also selected from the Environment Policy drop down field in the "Invite a new end user" form. Once the environment expires, the customer is automatically removed from the related project. Follow these steps to invite a customer or prospect:

1. From the CloudShare Dashboard, navigate to the Invitations tab

2. Click the End User Invitations button

3. Click the Invite End User button

4. Complete the Invite End User form


Note: The "Send to email" field is optional as the Invitation can be emailed using CloudShare Dashboard in a fixed format or with your own mail client in any format

5. Click the Create button

Note: In step 4, if you did not complete the "Send to email" field, then copy the invitation token that appears in the call-out box and paste it in your mail client to invite the customer

You have successfully created a Customer Invitation!

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