CloudShare Enterprise Overview


CloudShare Enterprise provides a platform for quickly and easily sharing copies of your complex IT environments online, so you can collaborate with customers, partners, and colleagues for development and testing, proof of conceptc, training and other pre-production use cases.

CloudShare Enterprise provides remote access to virtual machines and custom collateral and branding (which the combined collection is referred to as an “environment”) by using an embedded browser object through the "Environment Explorer" or "End User Portal". The embedded browser object provides IP acceleration, firewall tunneling, and also an optional functionality that detects usage to provide cost savings by auto suspending your environment while away. 

Our browser object works on all stable builds of common browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari) for PC or Mac. In addition, CloudShare also supports iOS device connectivity.  If you’d like to better prepare, you can use this link to check your browser’s ability to access the remote machines.

CloudShare Environment Explorer/End-User Portal



CloudShare Dashboard

CloudShare Dashboard is a central management and monitoring console which is the heart of the CloudShare Enterprise solution. CloudShare Dashboard is available for access by "Project Member" users, while "End Users" (customers) only have access to the "Environment Explorer".

The CloudShare Dashboard allows building, provisioning, monitoring and overall control of the environments.

In addition, the Dashboard provides user management functionality, evaluation best practices workflow, training scheduler, usage reports and associated analytics.



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